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How sustainable are winter sports?

What you should definitely know

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More than skiing and tobogganing!

Snow is an experience

The Sauerland winter sports arena stretches from the Sauerland to the Siegerland-Wittgenstein region. The region offers the greatest snow fun north of the Alps. Winter sports and fun for skiers, tobogganists, snowboarders, cross-country skiers, winter hikers, big and small snow bunnies. World-famous sports facilities such as the Winterberg bobsleigh run or the Willingen Mühlenkopf ski jump, biathlon centers, artificial ice rinks and DSV Nordic activity centers complete the offer.

But winter is so much more! It is an experience for young and old as well as old and young. Can there be anything better than traveling from a grey and dull landscape to the snow-covered mountains? Come up and join us !

Known how

A fun park is created

Every year the shape crew of the Postwiese builds one of the most popular hotspots for freeskiers and snowboarders in all of Germany.

Nordic and hiking
A look behind the scenes

Snowmaking and the surrounding area

Between Willingen and Olpe-Fahlenscheid, technical snow is produced energy-efficiently by our heroes of the night.

Mountain meadow romance

Ski slopes in summer

A large part of the 30 or so ski areas in the Wintersport Arena Sauerland are located in the area of sensitive mountain meadows, which are under special protection.

Did you already know ?

... that we have history ?

The first mountain dwellers in the Rothaargebirge tried their hand at skiing as early as 1895 and the first ski festival was held in 1907. Since the founding of the Wintersport-Arena Sauerland in 2003, at least one new comfortable chairlift or gondola lift has been built every year. Today, the ski areas in Winterberg and Willingen are among the most modern in Germany. Take a look at the West German Winter Sports Museum.

... that we still have winter

The number of winter sports days in the high altitudes of the Rothaargebirge has actually increased slightly over the last 20 years - helped by winters that have changed very little compared to the past.

(How our winters are developing)

... that we focus on comfort ?

More than half of our pistes are particularly snow-sure thanks to snowmaking, and in the largest ski resorts this figure is even around 80%. More than 50 snow groomers make the very best of the snow produced every day.

More about our slo pe grooming

... that we are an environmentally friendly destination ?

80% of the CO2 footprint of a ski day is produced by the journey there. Only a small proportion is attributable to lifts, slope grooming or snowmaking. Short travel distances of usually only 2-3 hours ensure a more positive energy balance than other vacation regions can boast.

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