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Cross-country ski trails don’t just fall like snow from the sky

A note of thanks to the volunteers

More than 500 kilometres of high-quality cross-country ski trails at high altitudes. Freshly laid every day under some snow conditions, carefully signposted according to the German skiing association (DSV) standards. A comprehensive Nordic Guide provides valuable information and a detailed Internet portal. All this costs a lot of money. And since cross-country ski trails can be used free of charge, they leave a large hole in the budgets of associations and local authorities.

The majority of the work is done on a voluntary basis by ski clubs and tourist offices. This includes not only laying the trails, but also putting up the signs and maintaining the machines and routes all year round. Even so, huge costs still remain, which in the long run cannot be covered by the associations and local authorities alone. For this reason, the operators of the trails in the Sauerland and Wittgenstein have decided to found an association called Nordicsport-Arena Sauerland e.V.

We are counting on your understanding, and hope you will support us !

Membership of our association costs €30. If you are already a member of a cross-country ski trail association in Sauerland or Wittgenstein, you pay just €10. You can fill out a membership application form on the next page.

You will receive your personal membership card. As a further step, more exclusive benefits for association members are planned, such as a members’ newspaper and cost reductions for ski hire or at certain restaurants.

All the money collected by the association in membership fees will be transferred to the Nordicsport Arena cross-country ski trail operators, which will use it to maintain our cross-country ski trails.

Independently of our association, you can also purchase a day ticket at our cross-country ski trail entrances, which will go directly to the operator on site to help maintain the trails!

Passion for cross-country skiing

€100,000 for a piste snow cat


A few facts and figures

A piste snow cat costs considerably more than €100,000.

The cost of insurance and fuel also has to be taken into account. 

A single tour costs €100 for each cross-country ski trail area, with further costs added for fuel alone


Insurance, servicing and maintenance of the machines is a further cost factor

The associations have to set the trails every day in some snow conditions 

This involves 2,500 hours of work every season

20,000 kilometres of cross-country ski trails are prepared

Membership fees and prices

For sports enthusiasts and guests:

Day ticket for over 500 km of cross-country trails: €4


Membership fee, Nordicsport-Arena Sauerland e.V. = season ticket: € 30 

(see here for the form)


Reduced fee for members of a cross-country ski association in Sauerland and Wittgenstein: € 10


Children and young adults up to age 18 free of charge.


Note: In the artificially snow-covered cross-country ski centre at Westfeld you receive a reduction on the day ticket on presentation of your membership card


For cross-country ski-friendly businesses:

membership fee, Nordicsport-Arena Sauerland e.V. = from € 30

These businesses are already supporting us  




  • [Translate to Englisch:] Tourist-Information, Skiverleih Wahle (Remmeswiese), Skiverleih Schneider (Fichtenweg), Skiverleih Kuhlenberg
  • Neuastenberg/Lenneplätze:
  • Tourist-Information, Gasthof Glocke (Lenneplätze), Gasthof Wiesemann (Lenneplätze)
  • Langewiese/Hoheleye:
  • Tourist-Information, Landgasthof Gilsbach, Gasthof Astenblick, Landhotel zur Post
  • Altastenberg:
  • Tourist-Information, örtliche Skiverleiher und Hotels
  • Niedersfeld:
  • Tourist-Information, Hochheide-Hütte
  • Züschen:
  • Liftkasse Snow-World-Züschen, Tourist-Information, Skiverleihe Wahle und Ahre

Willingen - Schmallenberg

  • [Translate to Englisch:] Willingen:
  • Tourist-Information, Rathaus, Talstation Ettelsberg-Seilbahn, Geschäftsstelle Ski-Club (Mühlenkopfschanze)
  • Usseln:
  • Tourist-Information
  • Schmallenberg:
  • Tourist-Information
  • Nordenau:
  • Tourist-Information, Hotel Tommes, Pension Lenders
  • Schanze/Grafschaft:
  • Tourist-Information Grafschaft, Gasthof Bräutigam-Hanses, Skihütte Schanze
  • Jagdhaus:
  • Hotel Jagdhaus-Wiese

Bad Berleburg - Kirchhundem

  • [Translate to Englisch:] Bad Berleburg:
  • Tourist-Information
  • Wunderthausen:
  • Skihütte Pastorenwiese
  • Skihütte Girkhausen
  • Medebach:
  • Tourist-Information, Center-Parc, Tankstelle Kniesburges
  • Küstelberg:
  • Liftkasse Skigebiet Schlossberg
  • Brilon:
  • Tourist-Information
  • Kirchhundem:
  • Tourist-Information, Rhein-Weser-Turm, Skiverleih Langlaufzentrum