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FIS safety rules for cross-country skiers

1. Be considerate of others
Every cross-country skier should behave in a way that does not endanger or harm others.

2. Signalling, skiing direction and skiing technique
Markings and signals (information signs) should be observed. On cross-country trails and pistes, you should ski in the direction indicated, using the technique shown.

3. Choice of trail and piste
On double and multiple trails, you should always ski in the right-hand trail. Cross-country skiers in groups must ski behind each other in the right-hand track. Where free skiing technique is used, keep to the right on the piste.

4. Overtaking
You may overtake to the right or left. The skier in front does not have to make way. However, they should do so if this is possible without the risk of danger.

5. Oncoming skiers
If skiers meet each other, each skier should make way to the right. The skier currently descending has right of way.

 6. Use of sticks
When overtaking, being overtaken and when meeting other skiers, hold your sticks close to your body.

7. Adapting your speed to the prevailing conditions
Every cross-country skier, particularly on inclines, must adapt their speed and behaviour to their level of ability, the terrain conditions, number of other skiers and degree of visibility. They must maintain a sufficient safety distance from the skier in front. If necessary, they must allow themselves to fall in order to prevent a collision.

8. Keeping trails and pistes clear
If you need to stop, leave the trail/piste. Skiers who fall must remove themselves from the trail/piste as quickly as possible.

9. Giving help
If an accident occurs, all skiers are obliged to offer help.

10. Identification requirement
Anyone who is a witness or who is involved, whether or not they are responsible, must provide their personal details if an accident occurs.