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Welcome to the biggest snow fun north of the Alps!

The Sauerland winter sports arena extends from the Sauerland through to the Siegerland-Wittgenstein region. The region offers the biggest snow fun north of the Alps Winter sports and fund for skiers, tobogganers, snowboarders, cross-country skiers, winter hikers, and snow enthusiasts big and small.

Reliable natural snowfall and high-capacity snowmaking facilities ensure that winter sports are available from mid-December to mid-March. World-famous sports facilities such as the Winterberg bob track or the Willingen Mühlenkopf ski jump, biathlon centres, artificial ice tracks and the DSV Nordic Aktiv centres round off the attractions on offer.


Events 2019/20

03. - 05.01.BMW BSF Weltcup Bob + Skeleton & 4er Bob EM, 
VELTINS-Eisrena, Winterberg
07. -09.02.

FIS-Weltcup Skispringen 
Mühlenkopfschanze Willingen

22. -23.02. Viessmann Rennrodel-Weltcup,VELTINS-Eisarena,Winterberg
14. -15.03. Snowboard-Weltcup, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg


Other events

Insider 2019/20

31.12.   Silvester-Flutlichtskifahren mit Feuerwerk,
Skidorf Neuastenberg



Siuerlänner Skiloap, 
Steinert/Girkhausen-Bad Fredeburg/Rimberg

Other events

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Winter sports arena CARD

All the major skiing areas with a single ticket!

  • 75 ski lifts (including 16 chair lifts and one cabin lift)
  • 97 descents with a total length of 66 km
  • 32 km easy / 28 km medium / 6 km advanced
  • 52 descents with artificial snow, with a total length of 42 km

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Some unusual facts ...

We go back a long way.

In 1895, the first mountain inhabitants in the Rothaar mountain region first took to their skis, and by 1907, the first ski festival was held. Since the Sauerland winter sports arena was founded in 2003, at least one new, high-convenience chair lift or one cabin cable car has been built every year. Today, the skiing areas in Winterberg and Willingen are among the most modern in Germany. More about where we come from ...

We do still have winters !

The number of winter sports days in the higher altitudes of the Rothaar uplands has even increased over the last 20 years. One contributing factor has been winters that have only changed insignificantly compared to earlier years. See here for more information on climate change ...

For us, convenience is important.

oday, 670 energy-efficient snowmakers ensure even more reliable snow coverage in the Sauerland winter sports arena, and for better quality on our pistes. Every day, over 50 piste devices get the best out of the snow that is produced.

More about our certification and piste maintenance

We are an environmentally friendly travel destination.

An outward and return journey to the Caribbean by plane with 200 passengers consumes just as much energy as the basic snow production for 65 km of pistes in the Sauerland winter sports arena. Short journey distances of just 2-3 hours in most cases ensure a more positive energy balance than for other holiday regions.

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Arrival at your snow fun destination

Arrival at your snow fun destination

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