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Biggest leap in quality in the ski resort's history: Altastenberg ski carousel with new lift

Second village ski area with four-seater chairlift - 700 metre-long panoramic family descent

The Altastenberg ski carousel is starting the new season with the biggest investment in the ski resort's history. The operators are committed to winter sports having a future and are investing around 4 million euros. A new four-seater chairlift and an optimised, family-friendly valley run should be ready by December.

Two old anchor lifts on the Kappellenhang and Sonnenhang slopes will have to make way for the new four-seater chairlift. From the valley station in the Hasenhütte area, winter sports enthusiasts will in future be able to ride comfortably and safely 550 metres up to the top of the Kapellenhang. On the way down, they can enjoy a relaxed 700 metre ride past the Hasenhütte. The mountain station with a garage for piste rollers and chairs completes the project. 

The new descent optimises the entire piste concept. The construction of the new chairlift and the dismantling of the two old anchor lifts saves having to drive through the lift routes. This makes skiing more relaxed and increases safety. The result: a long downhill run with a beautiful view and plenty of scenery and nature to enjoy.

Altastenberg is one of the most traditional ski resorts in the region and is certainly the most versatile. While the pistes at the foot of the Kahler Asten used to be considered something of an "insider tip", they have become more popular in recent years. Development is progressing rapidly. In the past two years, around 2.5 million euros have already been invested in optimising snow safety in order to make the season more consistent and predictable for operators and guests. The new lift now crowns the project. 

"The current investment and those of the past two years were unavoidable in order to make the ski area fit for the future," say the operators, clearly emphasising that winter sports have a future. According to current studies, winter sports will be possible in the Sauerland for many years to come - with the right infrastructure and corresponding development of sustainability. "The foundation stone for this has now been laid." Construction work on the new chairlift is in full swing. The foundations of the mountain station are already in place. Excavating, digging trenches, especially in the area of the valley station and much more. The operators emphasise that strict attention was paid to protecting the mountain meadows during the construction of the lift. Interventions in the areas are kept to a minimum. Where earthworks are carried out, mountain meadow hay is spread after completion to ensure that the native plants can re-establish themselves.

The Altastenberg ski carousel combines a village atmosphere with modern comfort. Altastenberg is Westphalia's highest winter sports resort with guaranteed snow. The ski area at the foot of the Kahler Asten is one of the most versatile in the entire region. Connoisseurs appreciate the Westfalenhang I, the only real FIS racing piste in the Sauerland, as well as the steep slope with a gradient of up to 40 per cent. Family-friendly facilities, a ski school, ski huts and hire shops as well as overnight accommodation right on the edge of the piste make the skiing experience complete.