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"The illustrious, honourable ski club announces to the unsportsmanlike people..."

After four years of absence due to pandemic: Nostalgic ski race in Neuastenberg

Thick grey woollen jumpers, loden coats and wooden skis are once again very much in demand in Neuastenberg. This is not the new ski fashion, but a sure sign of the popular nostalgia ski race. For the first time in four years, historically dressed skiers will be descending the Postwiese again on 5 February - just like 100 years ago.

After a long absence due to the pandemic, organisers and participants are looking forward to the historical spectacle - the 17th edition since 1987. To the amusement of the spectators, traditional girls, foresters, poachers on grandfather's "ski laths" ski downhill on old wooden laths with spiral bindings. Despite the lack of aerodynamics, the women ski in flowing skirts - just like "decent" women wore back then.

The nostalgic ski race shows the many faces of the ski village of Neuastenberg: snow-sure slopes, high-performance snow-making and a modern chairlift on the one hand. On the other hand, the people of Neuastenberg live and love their tradition, as Neuastenberg is considered the "cradle of winter sports" in western Germany. The West German Winter Sports Museum on Neuastenberger Straße, near the church, is an impressive testimony to this. Safety bindings and functional clothing are not available - the participants warm up with "ski water", a good schnapps.

Each participant has their own little story, which the moderator tells at the start, explaining clothing and equipment. During the run over the obstacle course with gates followed by a jump on the natural hill, the focus is not on sporting achievements but on amusing the audience. Double jumps based on historical models are encouraged. At the end, the mass descent of the colourful, large crowd down to the Winter Sports Museum is impressive.

The reward at the end is a hearty snack. The certificate awarded contains the text:  The illustrious and honourable Neuastenberg ski club is pleased to announce to all the unsporting people and to know" that the participant "has achieved a bravura victory at the Nostalgia Ski Festival despite terrible efforts and strains.

Anyone who can ski more or less well and comes in appropriate clothing can take part. Registrations can be made by calling the Neuastenberg Tourist Office on 02981/565. Interested participants can also register on the day of the event.

Admission for spectators is free. The sponsoring association would be very pleased to receive a donation for the Winter Sports Museum.


Parking: Large car park at the church

Programme: on 5 February 2023 in Neuastenberg

11 a.m.: Registration of the participants at the Obere Postwiese 

From 11.30 a.m.: Presentation of the nostalgic skiers 

Approx.12 p.m.: Run through the obstacle course 

Approx. 1 p.m.: Jump run on the natural hill  

Approx. 2 p.m.: Mass descent to the Winter Sports Museum 

Approx. 2.30 p.m.: Snack in the Landfein/Wintersport Museum

Followed by: prize-giving ceremony and closing ceremony